What is Furnishlab?

Easy-to-use interior design platform that stands for good quality and fair prices

Furnishlab is a Platform for affordable Interior design solutions, made by professional designers and with real products, along with other services to make beautiful designs into reality.

For Designers

Sell your ideas before getting commissioned

In Furnishlab you have the luxury of designing what you like, without any restrictions from any customers. Here it works other way around; you design freely, and customers will like your design and will pay you for that.

Elen JashDesigner

For Merchants

Boost your sales with Furnishlab

Being right next to the hand of so many interior designers will make your products show up in many designs, resulting in more sales, more likes and therefore better ranking, bringing your products in even more designs than before!

Cube Inc.Seller

For Service Provider

Advertise your work where the decision is made

Where all the action happens; your company's profile page and your offered service will be shown to our customers, who need specific professional help when renovating their spaces. Your role is very important! So make sure you do your best in your sevice ads!

John LamonServicer

For Private Households

Find your dream room design

Whether it's a balcony, bedroom or living room - at Furnishlab you can benefit from thousands of professionally designed templates in your region. This can save you money and time and guarantee you high satisfaction with your final room design. You can also try to design rooms yourself and earn money!

John LamonServicer

For Commercial Sector

Professionally designed spaces, quick and cost-effective

Our commercial space templates expand as far as the creativity of our community designers will allow. Whether in hospitality, retail, education or other fields, you can choose from many relevant designs in your region and have a complete price and shopping list of furniture, finishes at a glance.

John LamonServicer


Digital solutions, marketplaces, real estate & home staging agencies

We are looking forward to expanding our business. Whether it's a real estate agency looking for home staging or visualizations, or a technology company looking for integrated marketplaces and solutions, we'd like to navigate in a blue ocean of possibilities.

John LamonServicer